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Buddhist Education In The Age Of Internet - Ven Dr Sumedh Thero

Buddhist Education In The Age Of Internet

  • Author
  • Ven Dr Sumedh Thero
  • Published in
  • 2018
  • Book Price
  • 180 (Indian Rupee)
Book Description:
Preface Internet is today one of the most important part of our daily life Buddhists welcome science into monasteries Peter Aldhous, San Francisco bureau chief Buddhism in the Internet Age Vincent Horn American Buddhism and the Internet : Buddha BROWSING:Ally Ostrowski Right Speech in This Digital Age Dana Nourie Americans Express Increasingly Warm Feelings Toward Religious Groups Buddhist teaching in digital world Dr. Ram Kalap Tiwari Mahasi Meditation Method in Myanma Ven Suriya Philosophical Buddhism: A Study on Kamma and the Practical Method in Contemporary Bhikkhunī: Thich Nu Lien Hoa (Miss. Tran Thi Nghia) Applying Buddhist Principles in the Age of Social Media Dr. Alexander Berzin Mind Training in the age of internet Ven Dr. Sumedh Thero Vandana
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