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  • Started on
  • 2008
  • Price
  • 10 (Indian Rupee)
  • Publisher/Owner
  • Director, Dalit Resource Center
  • Contributed by:
  • Ambedkarite People
Contact Details:
Thamukku is an Ambedkarite Buddhist bi-monthly magazine publishes from Madurai (Tamilnadu) primarily in Tamil language and some articles in English language.

It's been publishes by Dalit Resource Centre, a well known Ambedkarite Buddhist institutional organization from Tamilnadu.

Thamukku discussed on various issues mainly the atrocities, killings, and caste and communal violence faced by dalit community, who insists, demand and equality. Since, the present media, influenced by Casteism and Hindu orthodoxy purposefully hides the brave leads and struggles of the oppressed.

A magazine, to reveal the facts and real happenings in dalit people views, is found, as an immediate/basic need. Also, to argument the thoughts of the dalit liberation thinkers and to provoke their inner emotions and to air their protest and anger against caste oppression and societal dominance of caste Hindus - a suitable platform to be formed.
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