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About Navayan.com


Navayan.com is the homeland of all Ambedkarite people and their organizations all over the world.

Navayan.com started on Teacher's Day of India, ie. 3rd January 2009, the birth anniversary of Bodhisattva Savitribai Phule.

Navayan.com is mainly an online platform which focuses and provide information about Ambedkarite organizations, their aims and objectives, activities in various fields.

Navayan.com was collecting the data since 2006. Navayan.com had clear vision about what needs to be done for our people. The question were raised first when we had asked ourselves that if we need any person for any work or contact from our community how could we get an information and contact that person directly. There was no answer. Yes some 'Diary' were published (like 'Samata Diary'). But we were not satisfied with those. So we decided to build an online platform which will bring all Ambedkarite organizations together at one place to discuss and share their problems, issues, questions, solutions, ideas.

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