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Size, Rate and Duration

(175 x 40 pixels)
(175 x 80 pixels)
(175 x 175 pixels)
(750 x 100 pixels)
(950 x 100 pixels)
$ $ $ $ $
1 Week 1508 2009 25010 55014 60015
1 Month 2509 40013 60015 225023 225025
3 Months 65022 100030 160040 640065 650070
6 Months 120040 200060 300075 10550120 11500130

Sample ad images

Strip (175x40) Rectangle (175x80) Square (175x175) Bottom (750x100) Footer (950x100)



  1. Victory discount

    Ads given on 1 January, can avail 10% Victory discount.

  2. Teachers Day discount

    Ads given on 3 January, can avail 13% Teachers Day discount.

  3. Bhim Jayanti discount

    Ads given on 14 April, can avail 24% Bhim Jayanti discount.

  4. Buddha Purnima discount

    Ads given on Buddha Purnima (Vesakh), can avail 25% Buddha Pornima discount.

  5. Dhamma Chakka Pavattan discount

    Ads given on 14 October, can avail 24% Dhamma Chakka Pavattan discount.

  6. Females Liberation discount

    Ads given on 25 December by female organizations, who are working towards the liberation of females from caste and gender, can avail 20% Females Liberation discount.

  7. Pali Language Day discount

    Ads given by Pali, Buddhism and Ambedkar Thoughts institutes on 17 September, can avail 20% Pali Day discount. Former institutes can claim for an additional 5% discount.

* Discounts are applicable to all given ads.
* Discount offer valid on mentioned date or its week only. Ads, given after the mentioned date, will not be eligible for discount.


  1. I want to give an ad, what should I do?

    Step 1:
    See which ad dimention is more suitable to your ad concept. Then design your ad in specified dimention. Export it to JPG or GIF or PNG image and send it to us on support@navayan.com.
    Step 2:
    Make a payment against your ad and inform us by mentioning on which date you would like to publish your ad.

  2. I can't design the ad, will you help?

    Sure! We can design your ad, on pre-paid hourly charges. Please contact us for more details. Desiging of your ad will start as soon as the charges are paid and confirmed. Maximum two iterations (changes in ad) will be allowed. Further iterations will attract additional charges.

  3. When will be my ad get published?

    As soon as the payment against your ad is confirmed, the requested publish date will be set to your ad.

  4. In which format the ad should be?

    We accept image ads. The image format should be JPG or JPEG or GIF or PNG.

  5. What will the life span of an ad?

    Ad life starts from the date when the ad gets published and ends on the last day of the ad.

  6. What are the terms and/or guidelines for ad?

    The terms and guidelines are based on our Terms, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

  7. What kind of ad behaviors are not accepted?

    We strictly do not accept ads (or your firm/organization) which has following behaviors:
    Porn, Nudity, Satire, Anti Ambedkarite, Anti Buddhist, Anti Religious, Anti Politics, Anti Female, Gender biased, Anti Nation, Personal Hurt, Pirated or forgery content, Bad Toxicants, Bad Language

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Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

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Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

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on his birth anniversary, 14 April.

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