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  1. Navayan.com will not reponsible if you do not get marry
  2. Navayan.com will not reponsbile for breakage of your marriage proposal/s
  3. Navayan.com will not reponsbile if your photo or information was used by another website or blog or in any printed format
  4. We do not fix the matches, we only suggest the matches based on your profile and expectation/s
  5. Navayan.com do not ask you for registration fee, Parinay fee, match fee, or any fund transfer or any financial help. We do accept donations ie. Dhammadana.
  6. If you mistakenly donated to Navayan.com, please contact us immediately with all details to revert the donated amount to your account.
  7. Navayan.com will not ask you your password for any purpose. So if you get an email asking your Navayan.com credentials (ie. password, email or any other information), please do not respond to that email and inform us at support@navayan.com as soon as possible.
  8. If someone asks you for any financial help under the name of Navayan.com by email or by phone or by any printed letter or by any person, please do consult with us at support@navayan.com to know the fact.
  9. If you get marriage proposal and/or if you marry to the person who is also a registered member of Navayan.com, that will be completely your responsibility.
  10. The collected data regarding Ambedkarite Buddhist movement from various sources ie. personal meet, news, emails, blogs, websites. So if you found that some information is incorrect then any member or a responsbile person of that organization can contact us to make the required changes.
  11. If any organization do not want to continue on Navayan.com for some reason, person from that organization can consult with us to hide the information.
  12. If any person do not want to share their name or contact information with others, he/she can consult with us to hide the said information.
  13. The contact information of various Ambedkarite Buddhist organizations is visible to speed-up the communication for the betterment of Ambedkarite Movement. If any member of Navayan.com or a person whose contact information is available on Navayan.com, receives continuous un-necessary emails or phone calls from any member of Navayan.com, we request you to inform us as soon as possible to ban that member on Navayan.com. We also suggest that you should inform to your nearest police station about that person.
  14. Navayan.com does not relate/bind or is not part of any of the organizations/institutes/firms added onto Navayan.com.
  15. Views published onto Navayan.com are of the authors/contributors. It does not mean Navayan.com agreed on authors/contributors views.
  16. Navayan.com strictly prohibits contents related to Porn and Nudity, Satire, Anti Constitution of India, Anti Ambedkarite, Anti Buddhist, Anti Religious, Anti Politics, Anti Female, Gender Biased, Anti Nation, Personal Hurt, Pirated or forgery content, Bad Toxicants, Bad Language etc.
  17. Navayan.com propagates peaceful and democratic way of Buddha, Buddhism, Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, The Constitution of India, Pali language, Non-Violence.
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