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Bauddha Vyakti Ki Paribhasha - Dr Param Anand

Bauddha Vyakti Ki Paribhasha

  • Author
  • Dr Param Anand
  • Published in
  • 1971
  • Book Price
  • 50 (Indian Rupee)
Book Description:
To propagate their intellectual honor or by dwelling in an intellectual ego all most all the Ambedkarites wrote against Buddha Puja. But Dr Ambedkar, Kanshiramji and even Wamanji Meshram advocated the importance of Buddhist culture. Dr Ambedkar used to do Buddha Puja at his home. It is gravely important to spread the culture of Buddhism. It is duty of an Ambedkarite to offer his reverence to images of Buddha and Ambedkar. All the Ambedkarites offer garland and incense or candle in front of Babasaheb's and Buddha images but dislike to offer Buddha Puja. They went to the extent of criticizing of Buddha Pujas at Buddha Viharas. This dualism lead to deterioration of graceful Buddhism in India and also the destruction of ancient Buddhist sites. Author discussed the importance of conservation of Buddhist culture in this book.
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