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Bouddha - Dharmik Alpsankhyank (Buddhist as Religious Minority) - Dr. Dhanraj Dahat

Bouddha - Dharmik Alpsankhyank (Buddhist as Religious Minority)

  • Author
  • Dr. Dhanraj Dahat
  • Published in
  • 2011
  • Book Price
  • 80 (Indian Rupee)
  • Contributed by
  • Ambedkarite People
Book Description:
Topics covered in this book:rn

1. Background of conversion to Buddhismrn

2. Untouchables and Minorityrn

3. Indian Constitution and Minorityrn

4. Facilities and reservations for religious minoritiesrn

5. Scheduled Caste and Buddhistrn

6. Minority Commission and Buddhistrn

7. Welfare programs for minoritiesrn

8. More welfare programs for religious minoritiesrn

9. Buddhist in India since 1956 to 2011rn

10. Census of India and Buddhistrn

11. Process of becoming Buddhist in government documents and GRs

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