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Pali and Buddhist Study Centers

Department Of Pali, Savitribai Phule Pune University

  • City: Pune
  • Email: hodpali@unipune.ac.in
The Department of Pali was established in July 2006, to mark the 2550th anniversary of the Mahaparinibbana of the Lord Buddha and the 50th anniversary of Modern Buddha Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar's historic embrace of Buddhism. Department of Pali is the only place under the jurisdiction of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) where facility for learning Buddhist Literature in Pali, Sanskrit and Tibetan is available from basic to advance level. In its short career the Department has achieved the status of being one of the leading institutions in the field.

We have taken a holistic approach in the study of Buddhist Studies by including a number of related subfields such as Comparative Linguistics, Buddhist Psychology, Comparative Philosophy: Indian and Western, Buddhist Art, Architecture and Inscriptions, Buddhist Culture and History of Buddhist Thought, Socially Engaged Buddhism in our new curriculum. The Department has developed a strong bondage with local Buddhist community and Vipassana practitioners and is also successful in attracting overseas students and scholars.

Special features:
* For certain units students are expected to write and speak in Pali language.
* Students can take advantage of rich Departmental and University libraries along with other local libraries in the city.
* We organize field trips and make use of slide show as a supplement to classroom teaching.
* Conducts sixth monthly Seminar of students of M. A., M. Phil and Ph. D. students as a part of research training.
* Translations from Pali texts into Indian vernaculars
* e-learning Program for Pali
* Distant learning program for Pali

Special Coaching in Pali for UPSC examination

The Department of Pali will provide training facility in this subject for the main examination of civil service (UPSC) and is also ready to work in collaboration with Competitive Examination Centre (CEC) of the University of Pune in this regard.

Collaborative Projects / Pali-Marathi Dictionary

The Department of Pali is willing to play a leading role by initiating study and research program in collaboration with Indian Institutes. The present Pali-Marathi dictionaries are insufficient for study at the post-graduate level. This has proved to be the biggest hurdle in promotion of Pali in Maharashtra. In order to remove this hurdle, the Department of Pali would like to undertake the project of an exhaustive Pali-Marathi dictionary for students and scholars. For this project, the co-operation will be sought from the Nava Nalanda Mahavihara, Nalanda, which has already started a project of a Pali-Hindi dictionary

Research Projects:

Completed projects :
1. Pali Marathi Dictionary by Prof. Mahesh A. Deokar
2. Trilingual Dictionary of Buddhist Technical Terms in Pali, Sanskrit and Tibetan by Prof. Mahesh A. Deokar
3. Lokaniti: Devanagri Edition with Hindi Translation by Ujjwal Kumar
4. A Hindi Translation of Udana Pali with Notes by Ujjwal Kumar

Current projects :
1. Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Reader
2. Sources of Buddha and His Dhamma
3. Scholarly Devanagri Editions: Kaccayana Niddesa, Rupasiddhi and Payogasiddhi
4. Hindi and Marathi Manual of Spoken Pali
5. Pali Buddhist Texts Recommended by King Ashoka
6. Marathi Translation of Digha Nikaya

Publications: http://www.unipune.ac.in/dept/fine_arts/pali/Pali_webfiles/publications.htm
1. Audio DVD: Abhidhammatah Sangaho, 2008
2. Video CD: Buddhist Rock Cut Caves of Karle, Bhaje and Bedse, 2008
3. National Seminar of research students, DVD, 2008
4. Buddhist Rock Cut Caves of Kanheri, 2009
5. A Lecture on Prāpyakāritva and Aprāpyakāritva,2009
6. A Lecture on Tibetan Buddhism, 2009
7. Video DVD: Buddhist Sanskrit Text, 2009
8. Language and logic from Buddhist perspective 2010
9. Pali Bhasa Pravesh (Reprint 2012)
10. Audio DVD: Paṭṭhāna, Sarvāstivāda Abhidharma
11. Vidio DVD: Buddhist heritage sites of Orissa

1. Ph.D. (Pali) - Maximum 5 years
2. Ph.D. (Buddhist Studies) - Maximum 5 years
3. M. Phil (Pali) - 1.5 years
4. M. A. (Pali) - 2 years
5. M. A. (Buddhist Literature) - 2 years
6. Lower Diploma in Pali - 1 years
7. Higher diploma in Pali - 3 years
8. PG Diploma in Pali - 2 years
9. Advance diploma in Buddhist Studies - 2 years
10. Higher Diploma in Buddhist Studies - 3 years
11. PG Diploma in Buddhist Studies -    1 years
12. PG Diploma in Socially Engaged Buddhism - 1 years
13. Certificate course in Pali - 1 years
14. Advance certificate course in Buddhist Studies - 1 years
15. PG Certificate Course in Applied Mahayana Buddhist Psychology and Ethics     - 1 years

Teachers: Dr. Mahesh Deokar (HOD), Dr. Ujjwal Kumar, Ritesh Ovhal, Deepali Patil, Truptirani Tayade, Dr. Praveen Talat

Address: Department of Pali, Second Floor, Kher Wangmay Bhavan, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Ganeshkhind Road, Pune - 411007

Office: +91-020-25601389, +91-020-25601344
Library: +91-020-25601392

Admission fees for various programs/courses: http://www.unipune.ac.in/dept/fine_arts/pali/Pali_webfiles/admissions.htm

Website: http://www.unipune.ac.in/dept/fine_arts/pali/default.htm
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