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Dainik Bhimpukar

  • Started on
  • 2008
  • Price
  • 2 (Indian Rupee)
  • Publisher/Owner
  • D.T.Shinde
  • Contributed by:
  • Ambedkarite People
Contact Details:
'Bhimpukar' is a Ambedkarite Buddhist Daily newspaper publishes in Marathi language from Parbhani city.

'Dainik Bhimpukar' focuses on Babasaheb, Ambedkar thoughts, Buddha, Buddhist thoughts and principals, Buddhist rituals, atrocities, social, economical and political problems and issues related to Dalit and Buddhist community. It also gives 'Chatrapati Shahu Award' to those who contributed in uplifting the downtrodden people.

It comes with 2 pages with each copy and can be subscribed by monthly at Rs. 60 only
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