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Ambedkarite Buddhist Banking Organizations

Union Bank Of India SC/ST Employees Welfare Association


Social and Dhamma activities. Solves SC+ST candidate's employment problems. (Samrat, 20150508) ... read more >

All India Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Co-op. Banks and Credit Society Federation


An organization to bring all Ambedkarite banks and credit societies and Ambedkarite Economist together ... read more >

OBC SC/ST Employees Welfare Association


'OBC SC/ST Employees Welfare Association' is an organization of Oriental Bank of Commerce, Mumbai, which brainwashes on banking sector ... read more >

UBI Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Employees Association


'UBI (Union Bank of India) Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Employees Association' is an organization based on Babasaheb's principle and provide guidance to Buddhist people for various banki ... read more >

Corporation Bank SC/ST Employees Welfare Association


The 'Corporation Bank SC/ST Employees Welfare Association' is working in mainly banking sector. It arranges guidance lectures for SC/ST students to prepare the exams like 'Bank Pro ... read more >

Indian Overseas Bank S.C./S.T. Employees Association


We take care of bank related matters of S. C. /S. T. ... read more >

Bahujan Vidyut Kamgar Patsanstha


Provide loan to start a business to Buddhist People ... read more >

All India Organization of S.C./S.T. Organizations


Fight for the problems of downtrodden people ... read more >

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