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Ambedkarite Buddhist Educational Organizations

Solapur Vidyapeeth Magasvargiya Adhivyakhata Va Shikshketar Karmachari Sanghtna


Educational activities and fight for the rights of teachers and employees from backward classes working in Solapur University ... read more >

Junnar Taluka Magaswargiya Shikshak Va Shikshaketar Karmachari Sanghtna


This orgnization is working to solve problems of teachers and students and some educational issues in Junnar talkua ... read more >

Samyak Drushti Kala Manch


'Samyak Drushti Kala Manch' basically educational and religious organization ... read more >

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vichar Sanvardhan Mandal, Selu


Working to spread Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's thoughts ... read more >

Samata Shikshak Sanghatna


'Samata Shikshak Sanghatna' working in education field to solve teacher's and student's problems as well. ... read more >

Indian Society for Buddhist Studies


This is a society for Buddhist education. Provides educational material like books, references, library facility, discussion group ... read more >

Bahujan Shikshan Sangh


social and regligious activities, but mainly focusing on educational issues and provide educational facilities and help to our Buddhist students. ... read more >

Phule-Ambedkar National Students Youth Organization


'Phule-Ambedkari Rashtriya Vidyarthi Yuvak Sanghtna' Working for the educational rights of our downtrodden brothers and sisters in Sangha ... read more >

Nalanda Education Foundation


Because education does a matter, started 'Nalanda Education Foundation' to provide education to our downtrodden brothers and sisters in Buddha Dhamma. We are driving 'Dr. Babasahe ... read more >

Buddha Dhamma Education Society Of India


Provides educational guidance to our students, guide them for the right education and make them aware about the recent trends in education. As the need of Dhamma education we star ... read more >

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