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Charika Educational Social Foundation”

Charika Educational Social Foundation”

  • Registration No.
  • mha 439/2010
  • Founded on
  • Wednesday, 21 April 2010
The main aim of our organization to spread out the Buddhism and teaching the Buddhist values. Every Six month we organize the 10 days SHRAMNER CAMP & UPASAK, UPASIKA CAMP for the age group of 12yrs to 25yrs. In one camp near about 100 participant are participate. We give the Dhamma Diksha and give the proper training about Dhamma. The training contents are Budddha, Dhamma and Sangha, Puja Vandana, Vinaya, Meditation and full day activities of Shramner. And the other activities are the Basic Knowlegde of Pali language, Basic knowledge of English, Basic knowledge of Computer Application, Self defense activities like Karate and Kung fu. Organization gives “Chivar and Bhiksha Patra(Charika Patra)” to all Shramner and also arrange 10 days accommodation, foods. All activities are of this organization depends on donations. Appart of that all activities we are spreading the dhamma in village side also.so the people was attracted to the dhamma, and they have full paith on the dhamma
Nearest Buddhavihar:
In Sariputt Buddha Vihar , Model Town, Indora Square, Nagpur - 440014, (Maharashtra) India.
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