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Ambedkarwadi Mission Abhyas Kendra

Ambedkarwadi Mission Abhyas Kendra

  • Founded on
  • Friday, 1 January 2010
  • Contributed by
  • Ambedkarite People
Established on 1st January 2010.


1. Considering Ambedkarism is Nationalism and building government, administration, economic and social structure on this basis

2. Ambedkarvadi Mission Abhyaskendra will not take any help from anti-Ambedkarite people, institutes, organizations

3. Believes in 'Social Educational Policy' and will build Top-Most Best Brains which will help for uplifting our downtrodden brothers and sisters

4. This institute binds herself to provide competitional education and exams help to at least 20000 students per year

5. Focuses on 18 hours study as Babasaheb was doing. Also arranging educational camps in various cities

6. This institute also binds to create at least 100 top-most administrative officers per year through MPSC, UPSC

New Delhi Centers:

1. Old Rajendra Nagar, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Bhavan, Near Hotel Medona, New Delhi. Phone 995853807

2. Mukharji Nagar, Opposite Batra Cinema, Delhi. Phone 8586894779

New Delhi Hostel - Blue House6/68, Old Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi
Nearest Buddhavihar:
Usvela Mahabuddhavihar, Sidco, Nanded
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