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Ananad Bahujan Vihar Trust,  Parel

Ananad Bahujan Vihar Trust, Parel

  • Founded on
  • Saturday, 1 January 1938
  • Contributed by
  • Ambedkarite People
Anand Bahujan Vihar Trust is committed to helping the less fortunate people of community. It was founded by Tasa Birla and was managed by Prof. K. Anand Mahathero (Srilanka. Professor of Pali and Asian/Indian culture in Siddhartha College, Mumbai). The trust works toward educate on Meditation Retreat, Relief of the poor, housing, rehabilitation of ruler, social, cultural and religious feasts gathering. Free Ambulance Services is also provided by the trust.
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Anand Bahujan Vihar, Parel
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