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Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DICCI)

Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DICCI)

  • Founded on
  • Thursday, 14 April 2005
  • Contributed by
  • Ambedkarite People
DICCI (14 April 2005), a social organization dedicated to the upliftment of businessmen from the deprived section of society. Now it has come forward with an innovative idea to locate dalit entrepreneur and promote their products and services. DICCI helps such potential entrepreneurs to develop their confidence and face the challenges in the open world without the fear of rejection. With excellence in product quality, they can match up to competition ably. That is the confidence we intend to develop. Numbers of young dalit businessmen have been proven themselves in various business sectors. Dalit entrepreneurs have sheared invisible but notable contributions in Indian economy.

Members till 2010 - 150 Dalit Entrepreneurs

Vision - Be your own light

We had arranged 'DEEP EXPO 2010' at Pune on 4-6 June 2010 with great response.

And its a beginning of Ambedkarite Buddhist Entrepreneurship!
Nearest Buddhavihar:
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Sanskrutik Bhavan, Pune
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