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Republican Vidyarthi Sanghtana

  • Registration No.
  • E-284 (N)
  • Founded on
  • Saturday, 1 January 1972
  • Contributed by
  • Ambedkarite People
This organization was established on 1972 in Nagpur and active in Agriculture College, Nagpur and Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Agriculture University, Akola. Republican Vidyarthi Sanghtana accept and follows Freedom, Equality and Social Justice. Also encourages to our students to get participate in Ambedkarite Movement. This organization is not belongs to any our political party. It fights for the rights of students. Our aim is to build a student which Babasaheb was expected. 'Caste-less Society' is our prime aim. - Jai Bhim! Jai Budha!!
Nearest Buddhavihar:
Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur
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