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Ambedkarite Buddhist Organizations

Magaswargiya Seva Nivrutta va Karyarat Karmachari Sangharsh Samitee


Works for the existing and pensioner backword classes workers in Govt. of Maharashtra. Src. 20130623#5 ... read more >

MHADA Magasvargiya Karmachari Sanghatana


Involved in solving the problems of SC/ST employees in MHADA. Got 'Trade Union' status from 'Up-Nibandhak, Shramik Sa ... read more >

Phule,  Shahu,  Ambedkari Vicharmanch,  Bhandup

Phule, Shahu, Ambedkari Vicharmanch, Bhandup


Works for the growth and future of Ambedkarite Buddhist people in Mumbai and other Maharashtra regions ... read more >

Dhamma Parivartan Chalval, Juinagar


'Dhamma Parivartan Chalval' itself dedicated for spreading Buddha Dhamma all over Maharashtra, India and possibly all over the world! We also engage in securing Bouddha Leni (Budd ... read more >

The Buddhist International Welfare Association of India


Arranges literature conferences at various places. We also educate people on Buddha, Dhamma and organizes Dhamma Parishad periodically. Apart from this we are focused on implement ... read more >

Dr. Ambedkar Mission,  Jahangir Puri

Dr. Ambedkar Mission, Jahangir Puri


Dr. Ambedkar Mission is a non-profit non-goverment and voluntary orgnization. Dr. Ambedkar Mission have been established on 14th April 2002 on the birth of Dr. Ambedkar by the insp ... read more >

Dhamma Upasika Sangh, Kharghar


Busy in religious activities, arranges health checkup camps on every 14th April - Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's birth anniversary. Distribute educational and health instruments to need ... read more >

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vichar Sanvardhan Samitee, Umakhed


Arranges 'Bhim Prabodhan Parva' a series of lectures of intellectuals on Buddha, Bdhamma, Dr. Ambedkar, Ambedkarite movement, social issues etc. ... read more >

SC/ST Employees Welfare Associaton - BSNL

SC/ST Employees Welfare Associaton - BSNL


We are pursuing the following issues of SC / ST employees with the BSNL Management.
i) To ensure reservation in promotion of executive and non executive SC / ST employees in ... read more >

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