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Bahujan Hitay Sangha

Bahujan Hitay Sangha

  • Founded on
  • Saturday, 28 April 2007
  • Contributed by
  • Ambedkarite People

'Sabba Papassa Akarnan, Kusalassa Upsampada |

Sachitta Pariyoudpanan, Etanan Buddhan Sasanan ||'

Bahujan Hitay Sangha is non-political cultural organization. All our members are 'Dhammasevak' and from various fields. It has its own constitution and branches in all the districts of Maharashtra. Our aims and objectives are:

1. Spread Dhamma,

2. Establish total development committees,

3. Create a financial source,

4. Gathering people at nearer Buddhavihar,

5. Woman's Competency,

6. Start our own media (as we already started 'Bahujan Maharashtra' a daily newspaper),

7. Develop Industrial zones,

8. Build central organization namely 'JOSHABA',

9. Social security sangh,

10. Implementation of the Constitution of India,

11. Build bahujan hitay social commitment financial provider

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